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Doorsey provides real estate agents, buyers and sellers with an open bidding marketplace and the support to successfully buy and sell real estate at the true market price. The Doorsey way is transparent, open and equitable for all.

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The traditional home buying process is unbearable

Home buyers today are at a constant disadvantage, competing in the dark on terms, true condition of the home and competing offers. No wonder 67% of buyers would rather have a root canal.
Search for a home
Find a home
Tour the home
Call agent & prepare an offer
Sign & send the offer
Waive contingencies
Make up terms
Make up a price
Fingers crossed!
Improve offer & guess again
Double-cross your fingers
Discover what you bought & negotiate... again
Search for a home
Find a home
Call agent
& prepare an offer
Tour the home
Make up a price
Make up a terms
Sign & send offer
Wave contingencies
Fingers crossed
Improve offer & sign again
Fingers double- crossed
Discover what you got & negotiate again

Doorsey empowers agents in 4 easy steps

It's the most efficient process yet with clear requirements and timelines upfront that eliminate the need to renegotiate and increase the certainty of close.

After submitting a home, Doorsey’s expert team will build your premium property listing using your vendors or ours.

Building a Doorsey listing

The listing goes live in the MLS and on Doorsey simultaneously. Listing agents direct users to Doorsey to ask questions, view inspections, schedule showings, and register to bid.


Buyers have everything they need to bid with confidence. Buyers are advised by their agents and bid as many times as they need to win.

Bid on a Doorsey auction

When the bidding window is closed and the price is approved, the buyer’s agent and listing agent write one purchase contract. Other bidders are lined up in order as back up buyers.

Winning a Doorsey auction

Watch Doorsey work

Get a glimpse of the Doorsey process and hear from real agents on why they love Doorsey.

Case studies

Success stories from across the US of homes sold for true market price. Fair and square.
10911 Bluffside Drive
Studio City, CA 91604
Sold price: $
List price: $
Zestimate: $
12255 Fairway Pointe Row
San Diego, CA 92128
Sold price: $
List price: $
Zestimate: $
1214 State St NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
Sold price: $
List price: $
Zestimate: $
815 Highland Bend Cove
Alpharetta, GA 30022
Sold price: $
List price: $
Zestimate: $
220 Wild Rose Circle
Holly Springs, GA 30115
Sold price: $
List price: $
Zestimate: $
905 S Van Wert Rd
Villa Rica, GA 30180
Sold price: $
List price: $
Zestimate: $
7940 A-Frame with loft
New Braunfels, TX 78132
Sold price: $
List price: $
Zestimate: $

The best agents, teams, brokerages and builders use Doorsey

Open the door to a new advantage in real estate.

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“Doorsey takes the guesswork out.”

Doorsey makes it easy to get your home sold to the ideal buyer - the one that will pay the most for your home. Demand based pricing is the future of real estate transactions, and Doorsey is on the leading edge.

Michael Wray
MidCentury Custom Homes
“Doorsey is solving a problem.”

The offer process can be an opaque, black box for consumers. Doorsey is solving that problem by adding transparency for consumers and clear, predictable terms for agents.

Fred McGill
Broker, Simple Showing Inc.
"My client was excited and happy!"

It was amazing. I was able to do other work and help other clients instead of focusing on organizing all of the offers and their unique contingencies.

Rosalyn McDonald
Realtor, Guardian Realty Group
"This is what the industry needs"

I was watching the listing sell live in Doorsey’s kitchen...drinks, food, and fun energy. It was like watching a Georgia vs. Alabama football game!

Denny Faircloth
Realtor, EXP Realty

Full disclosure; nothing is hidden

Listings include robust photo galleries, 3D interactive Matterport, and neutral third-party pre-inspection report. No skeletons in the closet here.

Doorsey keeps what works and drops the rest

The traditional blind process
Closed offers
Post offer inspection
Variable terms
No public Q&A
Opaque process
Arbitrary timelines that move
What works
In-person showings
Agent representation
Listed on the MLS
Doorsey's innovative solution
Open bidding marketplace
Third-party pre-offer inspection
Pre-defined seller terms
Doorsey moderated Q&A
Transparent buying and selling
Pre-defined timelines
We keep what works
In-person showings
Agent representation
Listed on the MLS

Get a foot in the door

Doorsey is here to help agents, buyers and sellers discover a better way to get what they want - the expert advice of agents paired with a transparent and equitable process where everyone wins. Agents, come see how we can improve your client's experience.

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